Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lovely loveliness.

So I have to give a shout-out where one is due. Chicago really stepped it up a notch this past weekend, weather-wise. It was beautiful, not too hot, not too windy, sunny....heaven! Actually, it was what San Francisco should have been when I was there last month, only instead it was 90 degrees, and because I'm a fragile flower when it comes to heat (read: practically a vampire), I kept on having to sit down, felled by cases of "the vapors."

I think Chicago might have pulled out the weather stops because the lovely
Patti and Jay were in town. As expected, they totally kick ass and take names. Jay even signed my copies of The Plug Anthologies. One day when he's rich and famous, those are going to be worth something, baby.

Here's a weird story, though:

Before I left to go meet Patti and Jay, I was getting dressed and I asked Steve what he though I should wear, not really because he cares or because I care about what he thinks of my outfits, but more because he was there, and I had to muse about it to someone. Anywho, he said, jokingly, "Wear a dress. Be a lady for once." So I punched him in the face, then put on a dress.

So on my way home from Plug signing and drinks, I cut through Wicker Park, and passed a mailman. He looked at me and said, "Lookin' lovely today!" Which I responded to with a smile and a "Thank you," because my mom raised me right. But then - then! He looked at me with this sort of pained expression and went, "You just can't help being lovely, can you." Like I was hurting him with this supposed loveliness or something. I felt guilty. Guilty! I ducked my head and walked away! Stupid mailman!


In other news, I've started back up at school again. Time to finish that Master's, once and for all. So even though I wasn't posting before for no good reason, now I have a totally viable, acceptable one for why I'll be MIA. Which, oddly, makes me feel better about neglecting this blog. Maybe, if I have some time, I'll work on the layout so that it's no longer this pink that burns out your eyeballs. Maybe.


Geeka said...

I am so happy that you decided to finish that Master's.

Nothing beats having the motivation to go back to school, and then getting the final degree.

soapy t said...

strange men don't make me feel as pretty as SPANX

emily said...

I love my SPANX! I owe all of the lovely comments I received to this photo to a wonderful pair of SPANX.