Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Man, this year can go F itself, I'm serious.

We had a scare with Mojo today. He wasn't moving all that much, and I had already been told that he has calcium deposits between his vertebrae, so if there is ANY change in how he acts I'm supposed to get him to the vet as soon as possible. With disc disease, you only have about a 24-hour window for him to get surgery to fix it so he doesn't lose his back legs.

Turns out, he's fine. The vet thinks that psychologically he's seeing Moxie up on our laps all the time, and he wants it, too. Even though Mojo hates being held. So he decides to scare the SHIT out of me, to teach me a lesson? A lesson that involved a "mom, dad, I have no money and I can't afford this and OH MY GOD" call, plus $465 for x-rays, shots, and new heartworm medication? What?

At least we have our Christmas photo done:

(Click on the photo to see it without Moj and I being cut out. Thanks for the crappy layout, Blogger!)

If I look tired/beaten down/on the verge of tears/crazed, it's because OH, I SEEM TO FEEL THAT WAY EVERY DAY LATELY.

Merry Christmas!


Sara said...


Here's to 2008!

jeff said...

hey sorry to hear life sucks. cute photo though! did I tell you that MOJO is a chain of the best coffee stores over here? everytime i see a MOJO a think of your dog

panajane said...

Dude, you need a good luck charm or something! Adorable holiday photo.

styro said...

Tired / Beaten down / on the verge of tears / crazed is TOTALLY how I'm rolling these days. Merry christmas to you too! WHEEEE

Sharyn Morrow said...

Oh man, what a year indeed. 2007 started like that for me and it's been all ups and downs ever since. Here's to hoping for a better 2008 for all of us!